Product Discussion: Leapfrog Scribble & Write

If you ever wanted your youngster to begin learning the alphabet, the Leapfrog Scribble and Write is a great way to start.

Leapfrog, for those unfamiliar with the company, develops toys and games that merge education and fun.  While not everything they put in the marketplace is a home run, the Scribble and Write is one product that probably is.

The S&W is crafted to teach the alphabet, and it does so in several ways:  tracing upper-case and lower-case letters; drawing shapes; and guessing letters.  Basically, letters and shapes, shown in the form of red dots, appear in a traceable writing area. Verbal instructions voiced by the S&W prompt children to trace the object which appears using an attached stylus.  (In the “guessing” mode, a letter is drawn on the tracing surface and children are asked to identify it by pressing the proper alphabet button on the S&W.)

In brief, the Scribble and Write is a great way to get your child familiar with the alphabet, both in terms or recognizing letters and writing them.

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