Valentine’s Day Presents for Men

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to give him a tangible sign of your affection.  Below are some excellent options to show him just how special he is to you.


Acqua Di Gio Cologne: An enticing men’s fragrance.


Diplomat Double Watch Winder:  Elegant watch winder.


The Art of Shaving Perfect Shave Starter Kit:  Refined shaving kit for the discerning gentleman.


Kenneth Cole Leather Zip-Top Travel Kit:  Stylish and functional high-utility travel kit.


Stainless Steel Cufflinks:  Luxurious cuff links that will make him stand out.


Invicta Men’s Chronograph Watch:  A gorgeous watch.


Smartek Hardwood Valet Stand:  Distinctive valet stand.


Valentine Presents for Women

Valentine’s is a day to show those that we love just how special they are to us.  Below you will find some items that will make her swoon like she did when you swept her off her feet.


White Gold Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Earrings:  Beautiful, elegant earrings.


M&M Valentine’s Candy: Sweets for your sweetheart.


Ruby Heart Devil Pendant with Diamond-Accent:  Distinctive pendant that will stand out.


Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System:  Helps provide beautiful, healthy skin.


Diamond Line Tennis Bracelet in Silver:  An elegant tennis bracelet.


Black and White Round Diamond Heart Pendant:  A lovely jewelry piece.


Fossil Clear Resin Bracelet White Glitz Watch:  Stylish watch that can be worn with anything.

Educational Toys and Gifts” Combining Learning and Fun

One way in which many parents will vary their normal shopping routine this year will be an increased focused on educational toys and gifts. Let’s face it, there are lots of cool toys on the market that provide almost endless entertainment, but wouldn’t it be awesome if your child were also learning at the same time that they’re playing? With that as the goal, what follows is a list of really cool educational toys and gifts


Leapfrog Scribble and Write (Ages 3-5 yrs.)

The Scribble and Write is deliberately crafted to teach the alphabet, and it does so in several ways: drawing shapes; tracing upper-case and lower-case letters; and guessing letters. Basically, letters and shapes, formed from patterns of red dots, appear in a traceable writing area. Verbal instructions from the Scribble and Write prompt children to trace the object which appears using an attached stylus. (In the “guessing” mode, a letter is drawn on the tracing surface and children are asked to identify it by pressing the proper alphabet button on the face of the Scribble and Write.)


Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

A cool learning gift, this toy piano has a “keyboard” that consists of five large colorful keys numbered 1-5 and has three teaching modes: keyboard, composer and counting. Depending on which mode you are in, pressing a key can play a single musical note (keyboard mode) or portions of classical music (composer mode). In counting mode, the toy announces the number of the key before playing music. In addition, there is a language selector which allows for hearing the numbers pronounced in either English, Spanish or French. Finally, another dial lets the child choose whether the notes are played on a flute, xylophone or piano.


Leapfrog Phonics Pond

The Phonics Pond is another great gift that combines fun and learning, as it teaches phonics trough various methods, including: (a) Discovering Letters – Children press the letter of their choice and are rewarded with the name of the letter; (b) Finding Identified Letters – Phonics Pond asks the child to find a specific letter of the alphabet, e.g., “Find the letter O”; (c) Spelling – Various 3-letter words are spelled out, and children are asked to press the corresponding letters that make up that word; and (d) Music – Children are prompted to press a letter, which will cause music to be played – mostly perennial favorites like “This Old Man,” “Yankee Doodle,” and the like.


Laugh and Learn Smart Screen Laptop (Ages 6 mos. – 36 mos.)

This toy provides a very nice introduction to some of the fundamentals of learning, such as counting and ABCs. It also has lots of other cool features, including words and songs. Moreover, it provides kids with a laptop of their very own, so that they are no longer obsessed with the real thing (parents with toddlers or small children will understand).


Vtech Mobigo Touch Learning System (Ages 3-8 yrs.)

This is a neat little handheld learning/gaming system for kids. It helps develop rudimentary skills in counting, spelling and problem-solving. The touchscreen gives gameplay a contemporary feel, while the slide-out QWERTY provides an introduction to the standard keyboard layout. A truly engaging, interactive gift.


Leappad Explorer Learning Tablet (Ages 4-8yrs.)

Impressive learning tablet for kids. This interactive device has a large, in-color touchscreen and comes with 4 apps, but has a over a hundred other games, apps, ebooks, and other digital media available. Its educational materials cover a broad range of subject matter, including reading, math, science and music, among others. It also includes a built-in camera. Long-term teaching and entertainment value.


Needless to say, the list above is by no means exclusive. There are lots of cool toys and gifts out there to help your child learn and grow, while being fun at the same time.

Three High-End Gifts Anyone Would Love

It should come as no surprise that people often fantasize about what their life would be like if they had an endless supply of money.  They could do whatever they want, go wherever they want, with whomever they want.  More to the point, they could buy whatever they wanted, and therefore indulge their fancies and whims to whatever degree was necessary. 

Needless to say, Christmas is one of those occasions when it’s almost second nature easy to engage in this type of mental meandering, mainly because the excessive amount of shopping we do constantly makes us encounter a wide variety of products that make our mouths water, but would also break the bank. Even so, if you’re going to dream then you might as well dream big.

That being the case, presented here for your viewing pleasure are three distinctive, high-end gifts that average guys and gals probably won’ be able to scratch off their list:


Segway XT All Terrain

The Segway is almost universally hailed as a luxury gift product. Since its initial introduction several years ago, this self-balancing human transporter has been a novelty item of the rich and well-to-do. With the all-terrain model, you’ll find that gravel, grass, sand and dirt (among other things) pose no obstacle to you. Of course, with a price tag of nigh $5000 (for a used model, mind you), this is no more than you’d expect – although cearly part of what you’re buying is the mere prestige of owning a Segway.


Heatwave Santa Fe Sauna

There’s nothing quite like being able to come home from a backbreaking day at the office and get into your own personal sauna, is there?  What, you don’t have one?  Pity… This 3-person sauna comes fully loaded, including a CD player (with built-in speakers and mp3 connection), color treatment light, ergonomic back rests, oxygen ionizer and much more. And at roughly $1800 per, it’s probably one of the more affordable luxury items in the marketplace.


Live Luggage Power-Assisted Suitcase

There are some things you just get used to when you spend time traveling by air:  cramped seating, eating peanuts, and – at some point – making a mad dash through the airport trying to catch a flight, dragging your suitcase behind you.  How great would it be if the suitcase could give you a hand?   Well now it can: introducing the world’s first power-assisted suitcase. Completely loaded with tech – it has an anti-gravity handle, flat motor technologies, sensors and more – it’s an unprecedented gift whose time has comes.  You won’t see many of these no matter how many flights you take – especially at a cost of $1200 each.


All in all, the three aforementioned items quite likely fall into the classification of really cool adult toys. Moreover, I may well have misstated the facts in saying that the average person in all probability can’t afford these things. In truth, he most likely can buy these items; he will just have precious little left to buy anything else… Irrespective, it is nice (not to mention just plain old human nature) to fantasize about things like this, so feel free to keep those dreams – and daydreams – alive.

Three Wonderful Gifts for Women

Holiday shopping, for many, rates pretty low on their list of entertaining things you can do. You encounter packed stores, incredibly long lines, inadequate – or total absence of – parking, etc. And that’s on top of simply looking for a cool gift for that wonderful woman you love.


Females are infamously difficult to go shopping for. Primarily because, to some extent, buying for them always feels like you’re being tested – to see if you were listening when they were speaking. (And believe me, this is an exam you don’t want to fail.) You need to find something special that they’ll enjoy, but which – at the same time – shows that you know and appreciate them. Not a project for the faint of heart


But even if you are presently going through this particular trial, there’s no need to despair.  There are plenty of  great gift suggestions out there, and some actually hit the sweet spot. Below you’ll find a small list of gifts that the lady in your life would love to get this year:


 Fossil Clear Resin Bracelet White Glitz Watch

This is an unbelievably flattering and chic watch. Probably its most distinctive feature (and the detail that really sets it apart) is the clear band; I’m not certain there’s any other comparable product in the market. Regardless, it is elegantly designed, goes beautifully with any apparel, and is something that she will cherish indefinitely.


Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System

If ever there was a product that everyone seems to love, this is it. This singular skin treatment system gets 5 stars for treating oily skin, blemishes, dry patches and more. In brief, it can help her have vibrant and thoroughly clean skin. Even better, it’s portable and lightweight, so she can take it anywhere and everywhere.


Hottie Body Wrap

This unique body wrap goes beyond just keeping her comfy; it will also soothe and relieve her aching muscles. She’ll simply adore how it helps to casually melt away stress and anxiety, allowing her to completely relax. (So soothing and relaxng, in fact, that you’ll be jealous enough to get one for yourself!)


In short, you can find some awesome gift ideas for Mrs. Wonderful without a lot of headache and frustration. Any of the three gifts previously mentioned would be absolutely ideal to leave underneath the tree for her this Christmas, and would leave her completely overjoyed.

3 Very Cool Gifts for Men

There is just something special about the holidays that simply makes you happy. There are carolers everywhere you look, good cheer abounds, everyone is filled with the Christmas spirit, etc. It’s easy to see why Christmas is universally hailed as the most wonderful time of the year. Unless you happen to be looking for a cool gift for that man in your life.


Trying to choose what gift to buy for the man in your life can be a pretty trying task. You try to find a gift he’ll be certain to enjoy, but which will at the same time convey just how wonderful he is and how much you cherish him. Moreover, you want your purchase to relay the fact that you really put time, thought and energy into the process (i.e., you didn’t just stop at a 7-Eleven on the way home).


If you’re presently experiencing this dilemma, don’t worry.  There are lots of superb gift suggestions out there, plus some are pretty neat Here is a short list of several products that your Mr. Right will truly relish:


Smartek Hardwood Valet Stand

This is one of those things which guys frequently would like to have but hardly ever just go out and purchase on their own. A valet stand is not just highly functional – it can keep his formal clothing sleek and picture-perfect – it also creates an aura of prestige within any setting that it is a part of. Skillfully crafted and with a stylish mahogany finish, this is a present he will cherish for many years to come.


Levitron AG Anti-Gravity Globe

There is absolutely no doubt that, in cases like this, the name basically says it all. This dazzling, floating globe appears to hover in the air almost magically without support (it’s actually kept afloat by means of magnetism), and makes a wonderful gift for either home or office. Not only is it awesomely cool, but it also works as a outstanding conversation piece with visitors and friends.


Kenneth Cole Leather Zip Top Travel Kit

This stylish and highly functional travel kit holds all of his personal items – electric razor, toothbrush, etc.  – with room to spare.  Ideal for his travel needs, as well as day-to-day routine like going to the gym. 



Basically, if you’re finding yourself stumped with respect to locating that perfect present for Mr. Right, the three aforementioned items can hopefully offer a solution.  In any case, providing it really is a gift from the heart, it’s almost impossible to go wrong, because it really is the thought that counts.  (And even guys know that!)

3 Gifts for Pets This Christmas

While going through the hustle and bustle of shopping this holiday season, we’ll all run through the list of usual suspects in terms of who’s on our shopping list:  Mom, Dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc.  Are we forgetting anyone?  Surely you didn’t forget your pet!

Pets are the most loyal of companions, and quite often our best friends.  It would take quite a lot for you to forget to put them on your holiday shopping list.  However, just in case you did, help is on the way.  Here is a short list of gift items that you and your pet will love:


Lectro Soft Outside Pet Bed

Your canine or cat will cherish you forever for this gift: a heated pet pad. Appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use, it will keep your pet warm – even in the face of severe weather changes. Furthermore, it’s particularly effective for older animals.


Frolicat Interactive Laser Pet Toy 

This impressive little device will keep your pet – in particular cats, but dogs as well – busy for quite some time. Basically, it generates  laser patterns in random fashion for your pet to play with. Or, if set in the manual mode, you could point the laser dot anyplace you like and watch your pet pursue it. All in all, it’s an incredible toy that your pet is unlikely to tire of.


Scoopfree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Needless to say, cat owners may get far more benefits out of this gift than the cat (much like the man who buys his wife a bowling ball for their anniversary). It works for weeks at a time, there is no cleaning or scooping to deal with, and owners never have to handle any pet wastes or the like.


In essence, if you’re still on the prowl for that special toy or gift for your pet, any 3 of the items noted above will probably make your day.  Your dog or cat will enjoy them immensely, and because your pets enjoy them, there’s no doubt that you will, too.

Product Discussion: Leapfrog Scribble & Write

If you ever wanted your youngster to begin learning the alphabet, the Leapfrog Scribble and Write is a great way to start.


Leapfrog, for those unfamiliar with the company, develops toys and games that merge education and fun.  While not everything they put in the marketplace is a home run, the Scribble and Write is one product that probably is. 


The S&W is crafted to teach the alphabet, and it does so in several ways:  tracing upper-case and lower-case letters; drawing shapes; and guessing letters.  Basically, letters and shapes, shown in the form of red dots, appear in a traceable writing area. Verbal instructions voiced by the S&W prompt children to trace the object which appears using an attached stylus.  (In the “guessing” mode, a letter is drawn on the tracing surface and children are asked to identify it by pressing the proper alphabet button on the S&W.)


In brief, the Scribble and Write is a great way to get your child familiar with the alphabet, both in terms or recognizing letters and writing them.

Product Discussion: Leapfrog Phonics Pond

Phonics, as most of us probably already know, deals with teaching the basic concepts of reading through speech sounds.  Leapfrog’s Phonics Pond implements this idea in a neat and enjoyable teaching tool.  (Many of you with smaller children may already be familiar with Leapfrog, a company that regularly puts out a wide array of products that incorporate both learning and fun. For my money, Phonics Pond does a great job of integrating the two.)


First, let’s look at the physical layout of this product.  Aesthetically, Phonics Pond presents all the consonants of the alphabet (in lower-case letters) as yellow push-buttons on purple fish icons.  Vowels appear as red push-buttons on green frog icons.  At the upper right corner is a “Help” button labeled with a question mark.


Phonics Pond actually teaches in a multitude of ways. A slidebar on the right lets you indicate which of the following seven activities to formally initiate:


            Discovering Letters – Children press the letter of their choice and are rewarded with the name of the letter.

            Finding Identified Letters – Phonics Pond asks the child to find a specific letter of the alphabet, e.g., “Find the letter O”. 

            Letter Sounds – Children press the letter of their choice and Phonics Pond imitates the sound the letter makes.

            Finding Letters by Sound – Children are given the sound of a letter and asked to identify it.  (This is essentially just the reverse of the “Letter Sounds” activity.)

            Spelling – Various 3-letter words are spelled out, and children are asked to press the corresponding letters that make up that word.

            Random Spelling – Children are asked to press any three letters to make their own word.  (Should the letters pressed not form an actual word, Phonics Pond will still sound out the letters themselves.  In addition, certain inappropriate words will be ignored if spelled, whether by accident or design.)

            Music – Children are prompted to press a letter, which will cause music to be played – mostly perennial favorites like “This Old Man,” “Yankee Doodle,” and the like.


Overall, Phonics Pond seems to do a great job of teaching through the concept of phonics.  Even better, it does so in such a way that children will actually enjoy learning.  Finally, this would seem to be a product that will have long-term utility, especially in households with more than one child.