Gift Ideas

There are lots of ways to show that special someone you care, and when buying cool toys and gifts there are lots of options to choose from.  Here, we try to present not only gifts that have utility but also those that will stand out.  So, whether it be stylish accessories, a timeless classic toy or a remote-controlled flying shark (yes, there are such things), we’re sure you can find cool, unique and interesting gifts here.  Click on the links below to see gift ideas in each category, and – as always – thanks for visiting Cool Toys and Gifts.


Cool Gifts for Kids and Teens

Lots of great toys and gifts for kids of all ages.


Cool Gifts for Her

Various cool gifts that will show her that she’s never far from your thoughts.


Cool Gifts for Him

 These tokens of your affection will make him cherish you forever.


Cool Gifts for Pets

Reward your pet’s loyalty and love with these gifts.


Cool Gifts with Universal Appeal

Some gifts just can’t be pigeonholed into a single category because they’re wanted by everyone – man, woman and child.


Cool Upscale and High End Gifts

For those times when you just want to say, “You’re worth it.”


***Also, don’t forget to check out our gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.


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